The text “Save The Date” was the only asset the client provided for the front of this postcard. I turned each letter into a window on a work from the museum’s collection, and set it against a simple gradient.



The client wanted to promote their 25th anniversary with ads featuring museum-goers (including a few celebrities) posed with their favorite works in the collection. It was my idea to frame the campaign as “25 Art Lovers,” with numbered tags identifying each person, their favorite work, and why it moves them. I also art-directed the photo shoot.






This was an invitation cover for a benefit event associated with the traveling exhibition “Women Who Rock.” The exhibition came with its own title treatment. I took the type from the exhibition title and enhanced it with color and lighting effects to create this image.


A billowing flag became the background for this type-driven poster advertising an exhibition of women painters from important French museums.



I made a video-inspired title treatment for this exhibition of video art, pairing it with an arresting underwater still from one of the works in the show.