This was my first poster for the American Museum of Natural History. I created the photo collage and anchored it to the red ground with a graphic shadow.


In this layout, Darwin hides in the background behind a wall of type, harboring the secret theory that he knew would be treated as heresy.


The Exploratorium was a visiting exhibition that came with an existing logo. The client wanted to make the logo their own, so I added the 3-dimensional elements and the spiral (which was an image from one of the interactive exhibits). I placed the jumping boy above the title, using the upward momentum and comic-book styling to support the idea of fun, hands-on, kid-friendly activity that the client wanted to convey.


For this exhibit about a city carved in stone, I created a title treatment carved in stone.


I colorized this actual historical photo of Captain Scott’s ill-fated team, and placed the driving snow (created in Photoshop) on top. The red bar title treatment evokes the tape at the finish line.


This perennial exhibition features exotic live frogs. I created this mosaic tile poster to highlight each frog with complementary colors.



The client approached several agencies looking for a full-page newspaper ad showing the breadth of their public programs. They chose my simple, type-driven layout as the winner.



In addition to exhibition artwork and institutional ads, I created exterior banners and interior way-finding signage for each exhibition.